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Class on 12/04/2011

posted Nov 29, 2011, 6:42 PM by Ashok Kumar
10-00-10:30 Bagavad Gita by Lal Prabhu Ji. Please arrive on time and bring your Gita
10-30-12:30 Volunteering in the class rooms.
Please sign up for the family night on 12/09/2011 to arrange the games.
Please sign up for the Kitchen service and making parsadam at the Hare Krishna Temple on 12/11/2011

Please complete the home work as below
Read the translation from 2.11 - 30 and write a short essay. The essay should cover these points:-

1.      How we can understand that we are not this body but we are spirit soul?
2.      List  ten qualities of the soul
3.      What is Sri Krishna message to Arjuna from these set of slokas?
4.      Share some practical steps that you would want or like to take after understanding from Gita that you are not the body!